Express Manicure  £7.50                                                                                                                      
(cuticle work, file, polish 30mins)
Manicure  £12.50
(Nail Soak, cuticle work, hand & arm massage, file, polish 45mins)
Male Manicure  £7.50
(Nail Soak, cuticle work, file, buff & shine 30mins)
Gel Polish Maniure £20
(Special hybrid polish with a uv gel, lasts upto 21 days, no dry time)
Rockstar Manicure £20
(A layer of UV Gel polish with glitter dust and shiney UV topcoat lasts upto 21 days, no dry time)
Natural Acrylic Overlay  £20.00
(A layer of acrylic is applied onto the natural nail for strength 1hr15min)
Acrylic Tips  £25.00
(choice of tips, white, natural, pink, red, purple, layer of clear or pink acrylic overlay 1hr30mins)
Glitter Tips  £28.50
(Choice of over 30 glitters applied to clear tip with clear acrylic overlay  1hr45mins)
Acrylic Infill  £18.00
(where the growth area is filled in with new acrylic every 2-3weeks 1hr15mins)
Full Glitter Acrylic  £30.00
(clear tip with glitter acrylic over the whole nail  2hrs)
Acrylic Removal  £10.00 or free with new set
(acrylic removed in acetone and express manicure 1hr)
Mini Pedicure  £7.50
(cutile work, file, polish 30mins)
Rockstar Toes £20
(UV gel polish including a layer of glitter polish, no dry time and lasts upto 21 days)
Nail Art  from 25p per nail
(choice of hand painted designs, stickers, 3d bows and rhinestones)
Rhinestones  10p each
(choice of coloured and pearl stones)

Gel or rockstar manicure and pedicure £30

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